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About Me

I credit my mom with instilling in me a lifelong appreciation of healthy food- and a desire to learn about nutrition. On a tight budget, my mother provided home made meals that, without fail, included vegetables, salads, and fruits for dessert- often with additions from the backyard garden. 


At the tender age of 29, I found myself riddled with unexplained inflammation, that manifested itself in the form of stiff and aching joints. After being told by the Dr. that I may have to accept this as my new normal, I started to research and read about nutrition and health, over the years learning, through trial and error and experimentation on myself, what worked for me and what didn't. 


My nutritional journey has been long and meandering, and has given me perspective of not only different dietary lifestyles, but also how that lifestyle can serve us for a period of time, but perhaps not for every stage of our life. This perspective is one that I bring to my consulting practice; I encourage people to find what will most benefit their overall health, whether it be for the short term or long term. ​

I aim to be a life-long student, and am living proof that it is never too late to reinvent your life, transform yourself, and live out your dreams. 

Education and Certifications

In today's world where anybody can call themselves a coach of any kind, it was important to me to get training and education through rigorous programs in yoga, nutrition, and life coaching that prepared me to be of the highest service to my clients. 

Yoga Alliance 500 hr Registered Yoga Teacher, 2020

October 2015 -  200 hr Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, Indonesia.

July 2018 - 100 hr Advanced Teacher Training module with Jason Crandell (Shoulders, Arms, Neck)

Feb 2019 - 100 hr Advanced TT module with Jason Crandell (Hips and Legs)

May 2020 - 100 hr Advanced TT module with Jason Crandell (Core and Spine)

Certified Core Coach, Coach Training Alliance, Feb 2018

Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Wellspring School of Healing Arts,  May 2015

My Philosophy

Core Values:


Gratitude: It takes courage to make change. I have so much appreciation and gratitude for anyone who is willing to do the work to make a positive impact on their own life. The student becomes the teacher, and I am always learning from my clients and students.


Integrity: I don't have all the answers. I will always do my very best for the client, even if that means doing some research on the side, or referring them to someone else. I do not promote any products or methods that I do not personally believe in.


Joy: This is truly at the heart of my personal philosophy and business approach. Being of service to others brings me great Joy. Maintaining a healthy family - life - work balance means that I accept a limited number of clients at a time, so that I may give each of them the highest quality service. 


Philanthropy: Whether it is teaching Free Yoga classes out in the community, sharing Nutritional knowledge at free events, or charitable giving, I believe in giving back and paying it forward. 


Respect of the individual: Every Body is different, and as such, each person requires a unique approach to what will best fit their lifestyle, and work for their body. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to nutrition or yoga.

In addition:

I am a humanitarian and social justice advocate. I am a feminist (and in case you aren't sure what that means, the definition is one who believes in equal rights for women). I believe that Black Lives Matter. I believe that Love is Love, and gay rights are human rights. I believe in and support those that are LGBTQ+. 

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