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Life Coaching

"You are a great coach…so many people talk too much and don’t listen enough.  You have a gift with your listening skills!  Thank you so much, I am so inspired and focused to achieve my goal."

Sonia N

I approach coaching, whether it is life coaching or nutrition coaching, much in the same way I approach teaching yoga. 

Yoga is the practice of self-study. At it's very core, it is an introspective practice; it is a way for us to learn and know ourselves. As a yoga teacher, my job is to hold space for the student to have their own experience. I guide them through a practice, which is essentially a way of asking the question, "how does this feel in your body?" 

Coaching does the same thing. I hold the space, and ask the questions, for you to examine and learn yourself. 

During our coaching sessions, I am fully present with you, holding that space, which gives you the freedom to expand your own thinking and shift your perspective. 

My job is not to problem solve for you, but rather guide you into a state of alignment so that your intuition begins to flow and you are empowered to solve the challenges that are blocking your forward movement or hindering your success. You are always at choice.

How I came to be a life coach: I have lived through massive upheaval in my own life... twice. 

The first time was when my marriage of almost 16 years ended, in 2010. With two young children, I was on my own with no plan and no safety net. For the first time in my adult life, I learned the meaning of the word struggle... emotional, financial, and otherwise. I experienced depression and a despair that would have lasting effects. Fast forward to 2019, a year that brought unbelievable financial losses, health battles, and, ultimately, the end of another long term relationship. Once again, I found myself on my own. These experiences have forced me to draw on reserves of strength and resilience that I didn't know I had. It has also taught me that I am capable of much greater things than I had ever given myself credit for. 

My passion is to empower other women to find this strength and resilience within themselves. We are a force to be reckoned with, when we give ourselves the chance. 

The year 2020, for many, has been a threshold. Do we allow ourselves to fall into the hole of depression and despair, or do we walk through the portal of opportunity into an elevated version of ourselves and our circumstance. The choice is up to you. 

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