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Finding Grace Yoga

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What is Finding Grace® Yoga?


Poetry in Motion


My background in dance and love of music strongly influences my own practice as well as my teaching style; favoring transitions that challenge me to strive for fluidity of movement. The aspect of linking breath to movement in yoga, for me, is like a moving meditation, and that is what inspires my classes.


Grace is defined as:

Fluidity of form and motion


Moral strength

Blessing, or thanks given (saying Grace)

Spirit of the divine that is within all of us 


I encourage my students to Find Grace in their movements, as well as in their minds, and that is how Finding Grace® Yoga was born. My goal for my students is to find Joy in their practice, to learn ways of moving that are sustainable so they have longevity in their practice, and also to learn how to let go of that negative chatter that we develop about ourselves, so for at least that hour that they are on their mat with me, they give themselves the gift of Grace.


This is what Yoga is all about. Not only the physical discipline of the practice, and the mindful transitions, but the state of calm in our soul, and the self-acceptance we attain when we gain an appreciation for how our bodies are serving us. 

You can find me teaching at Twist Yoga in Lake Oswego, Oregon, as well as The Bay Club in Tualatin, Oregon. I am available for a limited number of private sessions per week as well as private group events, festivals, or conferences.

"Grace isn't a little prayer you say before receiving a meal. It's a way to live." -- Jackie Windspear



Private Client:

“I have taken several lessons from Tania and each time she has gone out of her way to prepare and to accommodate as needed. I have a chronic health condition and my symptoms vary and can affect my ability to do some of the poses, etc. Tania has taken the time to check in with me prior to my lessons to see how I am feeling and to ask if I might have any concerns or issues that could affect my lesson. Each time, she has prepared a lesson that at once provides challenge, support, comfort and healing and leaves me feeling so much better than when I walked in- just like yoga should!  

Tania has always been responsive to all my feedback during lessons, checking in with me about how a pose feels or if I am needing supports to assist, etc.

I appreciate her thorough, thoughtful, and caring approach to teaching yoga and her patience, flexibility and knowledge in teaching to and accommodating my health issues.” -Amy


Group Class Students:

“Tania brings a unique combination of nutritional knowledge and yoga history to the mat. Her yoga classes are well-intentioned, compassionate, and joy-filled. I really enjoy the flow of both the yoga postures and the energetic subtle body. Each series seems to meet me right where I am that day, while still challenging me to explore new postures. Her calming voice really grounds me in the present and calms the old “monkey mind.” I also really love her music choices and feel like they are such a beautiful addition to the class and a treat for the senses.” -Jen


“As a yoga teacher who has had the privilege of taking several of Tania's yoga classes, I appreciate the intention that Tania brings to every choice she makes and every action she takes. Her creative sequencing, thoughtful music selection, gentle adjustments, and guiding words are full of intention - an intention that reflects Tania's striving to create a safe, challenging yet supportive, joy-filled space where all people may feel welcomed and nurtured.” -Jaclyn


“Tania’s friendly, upbeat, and compassionate style of teaching makes her yoga classes fun and challenging, yet accessible to all.” -Colleen

“Tania clearly has a depth of understanding about yoga. She challenges both the body and mind by delving deep into poses. She keeps the essence of yoga, the inner journey of awareness, at the heart of her classes.” -Heidi


"I've really enjoyed Tania's yoga classes because she has a very calm presence which helps me get and stay centered in my practice. Her guidance is well thought out and I can tell that she has put time and effort into creating a class that all levels can benefit from." -Antra


Corporate Yoga Students:

“I’ve been doing yoga for a number of years with a variety of instructors.  Tania is one of the best I have experienced and I highly recommend her.  She comes prepared and organized, and leads the class with clear and effective communication through challenging sequences of poses and flows.  Tania creates a safe and inviting environment where everyone can attend to their own practice at whatever level they need.  She is very graceful and elegant as she models the poses and transitions.  Tania has a sparkling personality and integrates humor at opportune times to make the class more enjoyable.” -Bruce


“I’ve been in Yoga for 7 months and have enjoyed classes from 3 different instructors. Tania’s level 1-2 Vinyasa classes have been some of the best. She teaches with variety and is competent in any material she presents. Tania makes an effort to know the ability level of her students and always answer our questions. I started Yoga in January and expected I would move on after a while. But now I’m hooked. My flexibility and strength seem to increase each month. Tania, Thank you for your smile and terrific attitude!”


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