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The State of Joy and Vitality


To be Joyful, Vibrant, Balanced

To have Self Acceptance, Self Compassion, Grace, and Gratitude

To live your best life


I love the way that real food makes me feel. I love to see how real food makes a positive difference in how other people feel. My love of learning became a passion for health, which became a mission to help guide others toward their own vibrant life.


My Mission: 

To Empower people to find their Joy and Vitality through Mindful Eating.

Are you stressed out, tired, perhaps disenchanted and disappointed after trying traditional "diets," overwhelmed with information, and feeling like there must be more to life than just getting through each day? Do you have trouble sleeping? Digestive complaints? Need a caffeine boost in the morning or afternoon?


My goal is to help you feel like you are truly LIVING, instead of simply SURVIVING. Thriving in Health, with boundless energy, while at the same time being more centered. I love seeing the excitement in people when they have a lightbulb moment, and how sometimes the simplest of changes or tweaks can make a huge difference for someone. 

I understand that people are frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed by all the mixed messages they receive out in the world. A whole generation was raised on the notion that FAT was public enemy #1 in terms of our health, and now people are hearing that fats are really good for us, if you know the right ones. I completely understand when people get fed up and want to give up because they don't know what to think anymore.

I have been through many of the same nutritional struggles clients have and been challenged by the same things. I bring a sense of acceptance (no judgment here) and accessibility. 

Live What You Love, and Love What You Eat. 

Are You:

Inspired to make a positive change for yourself by trying something different, or learning something new?

Motivated to put in the effort to affect that change?

Open to new information, and excited to see where your health journey takes you?

Breathe deeply. Eat real food. Get enough sleep. Chew your food. Drink enough water. Move your body every day. Take time for yourself.


We hear these messages all the time, and yet continually find a way to dismiss them. I take a holistic approach to nutrition- that is, we talk about all of these little things going on in your life, whether it’s your stress level or how often you eat in the car. Then we talk about what changes you can make, even small ones, that are sustainable for you over the long run, and can make a big impact in how you feel. You’d be surprised at the number of people whose digestive complaints disappear once they start to chew their food properly! 

Through private consultations/sessions, group classes or lectures, or corporate wellness programs, find out how self-care can skyrocket your energy and productivity, or that of your employees. You will always be treated with respect, acceptance, and appreciation. I strive to make Mindful Nutrition accessible to all.

Joy is at the heart of what I do

Vitality is the goal


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