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Tania's experience as a yoga teacher has honed her natural ability to intuitively read a room which is demonstrated by the spectrum of her energy level. Moving seamlessly between being a calming presence to being a charismatic motivator, she connects with her audience as she shares her passions and inspires them to ignite their own.

Retreats Anchor

Finding grace in the midst of change 

We are nearing the end of a collectively challenging and unforgettable year, and it seems we are all experiencing transition of one kind or another. Perhaps you are experiencing the change of season in a way that has you feeling… untethered. Maybe you are experiencing a season of life change… suddenly and inexplicably can’t sleep through the night, unexplained weight gain, stress belly anyone? Or, maybe this year has been the wake up call that you needed to make a bigger life change for yourself.


Have you caught yourself wondering if this is all there is, or if you are going to feel this way forever, or if you are going to enjoy a full night’s rest ever again? Are you overwhelmed, depleted, just plain stressed out? 

If any of this resonates with you, then this program is for you. 

It is short and sweet, designed to fit your schedule in the early part of December… a kind of reset, if you will, to get you feeling back to yourself, more calm, less anxious, and better equipped to sail through the rest of the holiday season. Now, more than ever, it is important to come together in community. You will be supported through this time of transition, regardless of what that looks like for you. 

Here’s the nitty gritty 

Who: I am seeking a dozen or so womxn who are currently battling with any of the issues mentioned above. 

What: a series of three 90 minute virtual workshops, taking place by Zoom


When: Dec 3, Dec 10, Dec 17, all at 1pm PST 

How: Each session will be broken down into four sections. We will have time each week to discuss how nutrition affects our gut health, hormones, and thereby anxiety and sleep. We will then talk about bigger picture life transitions; the portal that everyone has been facing this year. We will utilize this time with a combination of journaling and quiet reflection, small break out groups, and, if time allows, larger group discussions. Time for Q & A, and then end with restful yoga postures to help ground you and ease your anxiety. 

You will be sent a few recommendations ahead of time for some foods for you to consider removing or reducing from your meal plan for this short duration, along with recommended foods to add to your meal planning as well as seasonally appropriate recipes to nourish and support you during the Fall. 

*Note: I am hoping to have people join that can participate live with us each session, as that adds to everyone’s experience to have others to talk to. If you can’t make a session, please let me know ahead of time, so that I can adjust the plan accordingly. 

Why: I see people struggling right now. I see womxn stressed out, anxious, unable to sleep through the night which affects their health and their ability to cope, function, and take care of themselves or their families the way they want to. I see people’s lives turned upside down without knowing how to move forward. Give yourself this chance to pause. An opportunity to exhale, take some deep breaths, and get centered in your body again before the rush of the holidays. Enjoy the support and sense of community that comes from a gathering of womxn.

Summary - what you will receive: 

- Three 90 minute nutrition, yoga, and coaching sessions with me - $675 value

- The Do’s and Don’ts of Food as it relates to stress management - $50 value

- Recipes and tips to increase the nutritional value of your food - $95 value

- Jar of my hand made Joytality blend powder, coffee alternative - $30 value

- Total - $850 value 

Real talk: This is the first time I am offering this. It’s a beta test group. I am figuring out my own transition plans. I WANT your feedback, your suggestions, what you liked, what you didn’t, what you wanted more of, etc. The next time I offer this program, it will probably be priced around $600. BUT…. for you? $499. Early bird pricing ends on November 20. 

All you have to do is email me at that you are in! Please make your payment as soon as you email me to reserve your spot. Space is limited. 

Payment method:Venmo @Tania-Caroline-James

(Last four digits of phone: 7411)

If you need to break it out into two payments, please let me know, and I would be happy to work with you on that. Payment plans must be complete by Dec 1.

*Joytality blend for clients in continental US only. 

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